The Hunter

Welcome! Big Game Lodge first started out as a site for hosting our custom maps for Trophy Hunter 2003 and other games. It wasn't long until we expanded into a great community of friends who not only played games together, but got to know each other in the real world as well. The last few years we as a community have drifted apart, but some of us still stay in touch from time to time. We often played Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising and Deer Hunter 2004-2005, then later moved onto other games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Lord of the Rings Online. I recently noticed had expired and it was about to get snatched up by who knows who and I couldn't let that happen! It cost a bit of coin, but it's only money!

Lately I've been playing The Hunter!, which is an online hunting game with incredible graphics - See the screenshots above?. It has its share of pros and cons, but overall it's a lot of fun. They recently released multiplayer support with up to 8 players. Me and CrazyDave went on a couple hunts together and had a blast. I'm also playing Diablo 3 - Reapers of Souls and looking forward to WatchDogs.

I haven't decided what exactly to do with the site, but I'm open to suggestions and would love to organize a BGL Reunion with the old crew. For now, head on over and try The Hunter! and see you online!


2014 Big Game
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